Debian vs RedHat config question.

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Take a look in /etc/network - look at the interfaces file specifically.  Do
a "man interfaces" for more info.

Essentially, you can define commands to be run when an interface is brought
up or down, so you would add a few "route add ..." type statements to the up
portion, and "route del ..." to the down portion.

Pretty simple actually, and nicely tied to the individual interfaces.

Very happy/satisfied Debian user (slink, potato and woody - haven't tried
sid yet)

Rick Niles - I just remembered, Progeny ( is a Debian
based distro, and supposedly very nice install-wise and desktop wise.  Much
more so than raw Debian.  I'll bet they would be willing to help you package
up the BProc/Scyld stuff, and probably quicker than the Debian effort too.

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I've been using RedHat 6.2 of the past year to build clusters and tinker 
with.  Recently I've taken the plunge into Debian (Potato-2.2r3) world and I

find that some of the configuration is good bit different.  In particular, 
I'm looking for an analogy in Debian.  In RedHat 6.2 (it may be different in

7.x), there is a file "/etc/sysconfig/static-routes" that helps bring up the

network routing very cleanly.  This file has worked quite well for me in 
RedHat's boot and network initialization scripts.  However, I cannot find a 
similar solution in Debian.  Can anyone help?  If I find I cannot live 
without the file I may need to port the RH6.2 config scripts to mesh with my

Debian system.


Wesley Wells
Georgia Southern University
Project Administrator

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