Debian vs RedHat config question.

lowther at lowther at
Sat Apr 21 07:30:02 PDT 2001

Georgia Southern Beowulf Cluster Project wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been using RedHat 6.2 of the past year to build clusters and tinker
> with.  Recently I've taken the plunge into Debian (Potato-2.2r3) world and I
> find that some of the configuration is good bit different.  In particular,
> I'm looking for an analogy in Debian.  In RedHat 6.2 (it may be different in
> 7.x), there is a file "/etc/sysconfig/static-routes" that helps bring up the
> network routing very cleanly.  

I've just started playing with Debian myself.  Usually Debian won't
install packages unless you ask for them specifically.  What kind of
network setup do you have?  Do you want to have DHCP with static
routes?  It wouldn't be a 'standard' install.  You have to add the

Ken Lowther
Youngstown, Ohio

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