BLAST or wu-blast for beowulf? - 2 Bits more

Matt Links mlinks at
Fri Apr 20 08:47:44 PDT 2001

Christian Storm wrote:

> AFAIK there is no freely available Blast for Beowulf, neither WU or NCBI.
> I think SGI  rewrote it to run on a beowulf - cluster. But they want to sell
> it together with their hardware ... .
> A single Blast job normally runs fast enough - so a very easy thing to do is
> to write a script that splits up a multiple sequence query and distributes
> it to the nodes. Another way to do it would be to add some pvm/mpi code to
> the NCBI source code, that does the same thing as the script. Advantage
> would be that the database is not reloaded for every query.
> Christian

There are people working on this problem (us:, but AFAIK there is no version of Blast
designed for a Beowulf that is in the public domain.



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