3C905CX-TXNM - Destination Host Unreachable, but can ping card.

Chris Richard Adams chrisa at ASPATECH.COM.BR
Thu Apr 19 15:14:02 PDT 2001

I have recently installed the latest 27Bz-7 version on a new Compaq iPaq
DeskPro w/Pentium III - 750Mhz.  This installation is as master node.

Although I can ping the machine local assigned addresses, if I try to
ping any local machines on the public side I get 'Destination
Host Unreachable' in response.  Here is my configuration:

I have new 2-3C905CX-TXNM cards installed. I set up eth0 to talk on our
local network,, with ip & eth1 with the default  Both load ok on boot and are shown as active- I am using
the 3c59x drivers that came with the 27Bz-7 installation.

Using Control-Panel and Linuxconf I have set up the following:

Hosts		host1		nickname1		host2		nickname2		localhost	localhost

Device	IP		Proto		Active
lo		none		active
eth0		none		active
eth1		none		active

Network Packet Forwarding IS checked
Default gateway (this is our firewall/router)
Device eth0 ( I assumes this means- all traffic to goes thru

Interface	Network address	Network Mask	Gateway

No matter what I try in altering these settings - removing the eth1 card
temporarily, and restarting the network services, etc.,., I always get
this  Destination Host Unreachable when pinging another machine.

Should I be using another driver??? Is this a driver problem to begin
with?? Please shine light my way!


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