Which 1000BASE-T is better?

J. G. LaBounty jgl at unix.shell.com
Thu Apr 19 10:21:39 PDT 2001

>We want to buy a Gigabit card for our master node, we have found these
>    - 3Com 3C-996-T
>    - Intel PRO / 1000T
>    - Ovislink GE-2000N (Works under Linux?)
>    - Netgear GA-620-T
>Does Anybody say anything about these cards?
>Are there others cards better?

We have used the Intel Pro / 1000T. Intel has linux drivers for both
the 2.2 and 2.4 kernels. Using 3 streams of ftp to between 2 gigabit
ports, I have gotten a 59MBS aggregrate but cpu busy goes to 93% on
a dual 800MHz system. The 2.4 kernel can do about 50% better on the
same test. The two hosts were connected by HP4000 switch.


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