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Mon Apr 16 15:31:16 PDT 2001


On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, David Vos wrote:

> I'm trying to compile beompi via:
> rpm --rebuild beompi-1.0.14-1.src.rpm
> But after awhile, it complains:
> ld -Bstatic -i -lbproc --whole-archive  -lmpirun -L/usr/mpi-beowulf/lib
> -lmpich -lslog -defsym getarg_=1 -defsym f__xargc=1 -o /usr/lib/libmpi.a
> ld: cannot find -lbproc

This is a linker problem with the RedHat binutils (which we ship...)

You need to make a symbolic link from /usr to /usrusr. This bug has been
in RedHat for a long time -- and only surfaces when you invoke the linker
directly (As I often do).

> I want to compile it myself so that it is more optimized for an Athlon
> rather than an i386.

I would expect this to make about zero performance difference --- you
might instead compile your application code for Athlon.

I would further be interested to hear from anyone who has an application
where recompiling MPI makes a measureable performance difference.

	Dan Ridge
	Scyld Computing Corporation

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