System hangs on installation

Gerry Creager gerry at
Thu Apr 12 16:10:59 PDT 2001

This sounds frighteningly like a problem I just resolved.  RH7 failed to
install, hanging at various points in the process under repeated
attempts, but most frequently at the end.  A new box, I suspected a BIOS
problem.  I also asked the vendor to check the memory which he stated
was tested and returned to me.  

Short answer:  I just replaced the memory with another vendor's stick
and it worked and has not failed so far.  

I've gotten a discouragly large number of reports, of late, of bad, or
failing memory.

Richard C Ferri wrote:
> Arthur,
>      Are you installing using the text mode, or graphics mode? In my
> experience with similar distros, sometimes the software doesn't configure X
> properly, and installation hangs as a result. If you installed in graphics
> mode and got a hang, I would try doing a text install (from the initial
> installation menu) and see if that goes more smoothly.  You might have to
> run Xconfigurator  on your first boot from the harddrive to tweak your
> XF86Config file to get X-windows up cleanly, but everything else should
> work.
> regards, Rich
> Richard Ferri
> IBM Linux Technology Center
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> "Arthur H. Edwards" <edwards at> on
> 04/11/2001 10:08:05 PM
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> Subject:  System hangs on installation
> I am trying to install the newest Scyld operating system on the head node.
> Things seem to go well until the end when the system simply hangs. Any
> insight?
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