3ware with Scyld kernel 2.2.17-33beo

Howard Yuh yuh at PSFC.MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 12 10:04:12 PDT 2001

I am trying to install a 3ware RAID card with the newest available CD
of Scyld.
When starting the install in "expert" mode, the insmod does not detect
the device, and there is no internal support by the kernel.

I tried this with RH6.2 and it works, as does a distro with a 2.2.16
kernel.  While reading through the kernel logs, it seems that some
versions of the 2.2.17pre?? kernels had problems.

Has anyone else experienced, and hopefully solved this problem?

Howard Yuh
Graduate Student
Alcator C-Mod Experimental Tokamak
Plasma Science & Fusion Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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