Search Facility for list archives and SCYLD install problem??

Garry Smith garry.smith at
Thu Apr 12 07:19:27 PDT 2001


I have just joined the list.  Is there a search facility for the list
I have been to but do not see one

In particular I am looking for information that will help with the

I am using the Scyld Beowulf Boot/Installation CD Version v2.0 (Preview)
(P/N: 27Bz-6) to install my master node (intel p3-450).  After specifying
the IP address information for both eth0 and eth1 the installation process
continues for a while and then freezes.

If I instead elect to use DHCP for both interfaces the installation
completes successfully.
At this time I don't want to set up a DHCP server.

Do you know if this is a glitch with the preview version?  Perhaps it is
better to get the latest full version of the CD from Scyld, yes?



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