Beowulf Trivia Question.

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> > "class" of computer... Why did they name it Beowulf? I have no idea...
> >
> > I have always assumed that it relates to the original tale of Beowulf
> > warrior and how he organized a group of otherwise individual groups and
> > people to fight the... well hell, read the legend yourself --
> Except he didn't.  Hrothgar organized a group of otherwise individual
> etc., and they were powerless against Grendel and against his mother
> --- until Beowulf showed up and beat each of them in solo combat.
Hummm... I do not recall saying who (or what) Beowulf fought, or what the
outcome of such battles were, but...

Yes, Beowulf fought and killed Grendal (pulled his arm off as I recall?)...
this was much to Aeschere's chagrin -- And then dispatched Grendal's mommy
at the bottom of the lake.

Hrothgar is probably more noted for building Heorot, for his otherwise stoic

But, I still maintain it was Beowulf who organized the 14 great (not Geat...
sorry, I crack myself up) warriors for the journey... for which without,
there would not be much of a story?

As for the negotiations of peace between the Danes and the Heatho-Bards (of
which it may seem I made reference to)... that was, as I recall, Freawaru?

Anyway... I am probably totally off base here...

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