Node cloning

Justin Moore justin at
Mon Apr 9 23:59:57 PDT 2001

> How interesting. Centurion I and II have 2 TB of disk (mostly 5400 rpm
> IDE), and we've never had to manually do that.

   True; Phil, Kathy, or I would find out the disk was corrupted or
otherwise rotten when the machine would start to behave funny and then die
a flaming death. :) 'dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb' became quite a popular
trick last summer.

   Seriously, though, if you have your machines configured to use DHCP or
something similar, cloning the whole disk is probably the quick and dirty
way to do it.  We had a PPro 200 with a "typical" IDE drive as the master
copy, and would just toss in and 'dd' nodes we needed to clone: usually
disks we had gotten back from the manufacturer.  Just make sure the disk
geometry matches or you could end up with some, uh, interesting results.


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