What do you guys thing about the P4

Drew Hess dhess at bothan.net
Thu Apr 5 17:24:32 PDT 2001

On Thu, 5 Apr 2001, Don Holmgren wrote:

> - SSE support requires a kernel patch for the 2.2.x kernels.  gcc has no
>   specific support (I believe) for SSE, though adding macros to
>   implement the prefetch instructions is easy, and I'd much rather do
>   the hand assembly coding in NASM.  pgcc will use SSE instructions and
>   attempt to vectorize.

CVS gcc can generate SSE and SSE2 code instead of x87 code with -msse and
-msse2.  On one of my apps (a rendering package), I get about a 10%
speedup on a Pentium 4 just by throwing the -msse2 switch.  It also has
support for SSE and SSE2 builtins, but I don't think they're working yet.


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