What is the best C IDE on Linux?

Nordwall, Douglas J Nordwall at pnl.gov
Wed Apr 4 07:44:59 PDT 2001

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> On Wed, 4 Apr 2001, Chris Richard Adams wrote:
> > Hi..
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> > What is the best C development environment on Linux? I am so used to
> > great Java IDE's on windows and I want to write a bunch of 
> c programs on
> > Linux - redhat - now...but its terrible to go back to plain vi and
> > telnet sessions to my server.
> Depends on what you want.  vi is of course atrocious (except 
> to die-hard
> old unix weenies, who enjoy using an editor designed when men were Men
> and Unix was small enough to run on a PDP-11 with a real VT100
> console:-).

Not to mention those admins who need something that's available on every
platform, virtually by default, that won't muck up your /etc/fstab files ;) Of
course, these Men are still Men, complete with facial hair, balding heads, and
haven't-got-up-from-my-chair-because-i've-automated-everything bellies (I can
say this, I have these ;)

But more on topic, another one that I've seen is C-forge..commercial, I know,
but it works. I'm not sure if someone mentioned kdevelop, but that's also out
there. I'm with Robert on Glade though...it rocks ;)

A good place to get a whole list of these would be from www.freshmeat.net. 

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