What do you guys thing about the P4

Joe Griffin joe.griffin at mscsoftware.com
Wed Apr 4 11:26:45 PDT 2001


There are two problems with memory: latency and bandwidth.
Our company has two applications which could both be classifided
as bottlenecked by memory.  However one has high latency and
the other low latency.  Please consider the following chart
of jobs (our products and a 3rd party software) which were run
on a standalone system:

             -------- Elapsed Time -------  Comment
Code         PIII 1000 MHz     P4 1500 MHz  
Nastran            8:04:29       3:07:25    P4 twice as fast
MARC               2:55:17       2:11:07    Proportional to Clock speed
3rd Party            33:04       2:25:39    P4 4 times as slow

The PIII has SDRAM, and the P4 has RDRAM.  I have not
tested wth DDR, and I suspect it will help.

Joe Griffin

Scott Shealy wrote:
> I know most people on this list right now seem to prefer the Athlon.  I
> agree that the Athlon FPU kicks the P4's butt.  On the other hand the stream
> benchmarks for the P4 with the RAMBUS memory subsystem are very
> impressive(almost 2.5 time faster than an ATHLON w/ PC133.... I haven't seen
> any STREAM benchmarks for the DDR but my feeling is that the P4 is still
> gonna come out way on top).  So my question is would any of you build a P4
> cluster if your application was bottlenecked by the memory subsytem.(ex.
> Fluid Dynamics)? Any comments?
> Scott Shealy
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