[PBS-USERS] PBS integration with various environments

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Sun Apr 8 17:46:05 PDT 2001

All, I sent out a couple of emails this weekend to these
groups, seeking an answer for the problem of trying to use
PBS in an integrated fashion for supervising the allocation
of processors for executables compiled with MPICH, PGI's
HPF, etc., etc.  Several people asked me if I'd reply with
anything I found out.

Well, I didn't find out anything, and I really needed to get
our cluster ready for students to start using, and wanted them
to start using it right, so I played around a bit and was able
to get both MPICH and PGI HPF working with PBS in an integrated
fashion and, most importantly, wrote a very crude script that
tries to deal with these different environments through a 
common interface.

The results of this, and a long introduction, are available at


I'm no expert at any of this - I'm simply someone who needed this
functionality, wished that it had already existed, but found
no evidence that it did, so had to try and hack something quick
and dirty together myself.  

I hope that this might help a few people who, like me, are sort of
in the dark.  More importantly, I'd love to see someone improve
upon this very simple start! :)


DOn Morton
   Don Morton                      http://www.cs.umt.edu/~morton/
   Department of Computer Science       The University of Montana
   Missoula, MT 59812 | Voice (406) 243-4975 | Fax (406) 243-5139
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