SWAR: 3DNow! vs SSE2

Georgia Southern Beowulf Cluster Project gscluster at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 9 14:23:56 PDT 2001


I'm trying to find more info about the SWAR technology, specifically about 
Athlon 3DNow! and compiling techniques.  I've seen the swar page at 
aggregate.org, but it appears to not support 3DNow!, though I know the KLAT2 
cluster uses this technique.  Any suggestions?  Also, how does 3DNow! seem 
to compare vs Pentium IV SSE2?  It seems a dual Athlon rig with SWAR 
compiles would kick the begeezes out of the P4.  I may be wrong since I have 
no experience with either.

Thank you,

Wes Wells
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