Scyld and truble with the nodes

Cesar Delgado beettlle at
Mon Apr 9 12:49:14 PDT 2001

I got my hands on a copy of Scyld and am intaling it to try it out in my test cluster(2 computers hocked up byt a cross-over cable).  I installed the Master node no problem and I got it to run(I must say I am VERY impressed by the tools that come with).  Now I try and boot the node from the CD-Rom and it detects my PCI Network card no problem, I get "............................." all over my screen for about 5 - 10 minutes and then it gives me an error.  The error comes on my screen so fast I can't write it down.  The error has something to do with PCI devices and a bucn of numbers.  I don't realy know how the RARP works so I can't realy say what is the matter.  I can see the node in the BeoSetup and I put it in the "Configured Nodes" section of it while the node is still doing the ".............." thing.  
Please help,
Cesar Delgado
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