From cloned to Scyld beowulf

Jag agrajag at
Mon Apr 9 10:50:04 PDT 2001

On Mon, 09 Apr 2001, hanzl at wrote:

> We upgraded to Scyld Beowulf from our previous cloned disk beowulf.
> While I love it (as an administrator), some of my users are used to
> rsh around etc. and use nodes with full instalation of everything.

What exactly are the users wanting to rsh to the nodes to do?  If
they're just wanting to poke around, they can just use bpsh to run the
jobs on the remote node.

The only thing I can think of that you'd need to export more filesystems
(besides just /home), is if you have a commercial program like SPlus
that needs to open up a bunch of files in its install directory once the
program has started running.  In order to get around this problem we
just installed SPlus in /usr/local and nfs mounted it on all the slaves.

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