Scyld & linpack

David Vos dvos12 at
Fri Apr 6 16:02:28 PDT 2001

I'm confused by the "linpack" and "xhpl" that come with Scyld.  First of
all, where are the source rpms so I can compile them for my
architecture?  There is no documentation on them.  Do they take any
command lines?  xhpl needs HPL.dat to run.  Where do I need to put this
file?  Would 'linpack' also use this file if it existed?  Is this running
on the cluster at large?  How do I make it run on just one/all machines?

I have also downloaded hpl off the web and tried compiling that, to no
avail.  After a bit, it complains:
/home/dvos12/hpl/lib/Linux_ATHLON_CBLAS/libhpl.a  /usr/lib/libcblas.a
/usr/lib/libatlas.a /usr/lib/libmpi.a
/usr/lib/libmpi.a: In function `free_key_mem':
/home/redhat/BUILD/glibc-2.1.3/elf/dlerror.c:152: undefined reference to

I don't even have /home/redhat.


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