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Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Fri Apr 6 10:13:47 PDT 2001

On Fri, Apr 06, 2001 at 10:11:27AM -0400, Josip Loncaric wrote:

> BTW, we found that about 10% of our IDE hard drives (mostly early
> Seagate 7200rpm UDMA models) had either too many bad blocks or bad
> blocks in unacceptable locations (like the swap partition) and had to be
> replaced.  We now use a combination of Seagate and IBM drives, and over
> the past two years about 20% of them have developed at least some bad
> blocks that we had to map out using the 'e2fsck -c ...' command.  

How interesting. Centurion I and II have 2 TB of disk (mostly 5400 rpm
IDE), and we've never had to manually do that.

BTW you can "mkswap -c" to mark bad blocks in swap. I don't know why
you'd find a bad block in swap less acceptable than a bad block in the

-- greg

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