cheap clusters

Mark Hahn hahn at
Thu Apr 5 13:04:07 PDT 2001

> Oh, and one more point.  I still don't know what the memory limitations
> of e.g. AMD's 760 chipset will be, but I do know that VIA's is 1.5 GB.

the issue is how many rows/banks the chipset supports; 
size a function of this (and the prevailing dram density).

VIA's KT266 spec states 6/8-row support for 3/4G (unregistered/registered),
but that's assuming 512Mb density, which doesn't seem to be shipping.
KT133a has a similar spec (6, no support for registered), but assumes
256Mb, and therefore a limit of 1.5GB.  note that KT266 also does ECC.
AMD761 seems to support 4G with double-sided, registered, x4 256 Mb chips.

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