Alan Grimes alangrimes at
Wed Apr 4 20:36:46 PDT 2001

I hate both Emacs and VI to the point that I have to censor what I can
say about them in this message. They cause me so much pain. Once I took
a course in unix and I had to type in some friggin shell-scripts using
VI. The shear difficulty of using it was such that, though I don't
remember it, apparently hit the computer. (and was later repremanded). 

Xemacs is almost useful enough for me to get a little productive work on
it... Barely....



I use the E editor which came with IBM PC-DOS 7.0 (1994) Its like VI,
only 150k in size.

I have used it so much that I must have logged more than two million
keystrokes under it, if such logs were kept.

And yet I hardly know any of its commands. 
I don't have to. 
They're in the menu. (though I could also type them, or any other DOS
command, in at E's command line).

Even if I REALLY needed the command, All I need do to look them up is
push one flaming key, F1. 

E is so easy to use that IBM saw no problems in using it during the
installation process to finalize the config files! It is the holy grail
of intuitive design. It responds to the mouse, hotkeys, function keys,
entered commands, whatever the USER wants. 

The E doesn't stand for Editor it stands for Easy!

Save hard for a flaming video game.

I hope you will excuse me but I don't really want to use an operating
system that was developed before I was born. (Unix)  <my website.
Any usage of this e-mail account is subject to the terms and conditions
specified on my website.

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