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Wed Apr 4 07:29:07 PDT 2001


Personally, I use Debian and apt/dpkg as well.  I love it for its 
simplicity.  However, the cluster I am setting up is being maintained by 
people who prefer RH.  We're using 6.2 (I personally don't like 7.x) and I 
wish to upgrade 128 computers with as little time necessary.  I understan RH 
will be chargind money for their "up2date" service, so what is "yup" and 
thier "update" and can it be used in a similar fashion?


> > >
> > >
> > >This isn't the only way to arrange things.  Without going
> > into lots of
> > >boring details, if you put local disks on all the nodes, a
> > toolset like
> > >kickstart/dhpcd (along with e.g. "update" from yup or
> > "up2date" from RH)
> >
> > I'm familiar with RH up2date, which they will now be charging
> > a subscription
> > rate to use.  However, what/who/where is "yup" and "update"
> > as I would be
> > interested in doing a massive update of a 64 (out of a soon
> > 128) node group
> > of clusters.
> >
>Debian Linux has the apt package management system, which although a tad
>difficult for new users, is rather powerful.  You can upgrade the entire
>distro, as well as performing incremental updates of packages.  I'm growing
>to like it.

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