Beowulf Trivia Question.

Robert G. Brown rgb at
Wed Apr 4 06:00:58 PDT 2001

On Sun, 1 Apr 2001, KL Davis wrote:

> I have always assumed that it relates to the original tale of Beowulf the
> warrior and how he organized a group of otherwise individual groups and
> people to fight the... well hell, read the legend yourself -- Or, if you are
> not that into old English lit, check out the book (or movie) "The Thirteenth
> Warrior" -- the movie is really very good, even though Antonio Banderas is
> in it :)

Speaking of which (and sorry, immensely off topic:-) has anyone else
noticed how much "Boulvy" (Beowulf, in the movie) looks just like Don
Becker?  Next time I see Don at a meeting or expo, I half expect to see
him with long hair and carrying a two handed broadsword...;-)


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