running matlab with beowulf

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Wed Apr 4 05:23:35 PDT 2001

On 4 Apr 2001 romie at wrote:

> dear ,
> can i run matlab with beowulf ?
> thanks

This is getting to be a FAQ.  Perhaps one of the folks that always
answers and knows how it all goes could build a summary and Kragen could
add it to the FAQ?

In the meantime, search the list archives at:

(click on the archives link).  Or use google to search on "beowulf
matlab".  This turns up e.g.

which announces:

"Matpar version 1.2 is now publicly available.  This version runs on
Beowulf computers, and requires PVM 3.4.3 or later.  Matpar is a
client/server software package that allows a MATLAB user on a Sun to
spawn certain lengthy MATLAB operations to a Beowulf computer for better
speed.  The web page for Matpar is

Paul Springer
High Performance Computing Group
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

pls at"

and much more.


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