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Fri Sep 29 11:09:42 PDT 2000

Oooops!  Sorry, guys.
it is .htm and not .html ....  :-)


Dear Beowulfers,

I realized that the Elitegroup MoBo K7VZM (MicroATX) inludes a LAN chip
(realtek) on board.

Is it possible to netboot with this board?
As a complete beginner I just know that there is usually that nice
socket fro the boot-proms on the standard NICs and there is nothing to
see on the pictures of the board. Could that be included in the BIOS if
the LAN chip is on board (and does anyone know if this is really the
case for the K7VZM?) or is it impossible to netboot that way?

I think that (600MHz duron + K7VZM + 128MB + 230W PS) should give a nice

and cheap diskless node for a little nifty beowulf at about  450 Euro/$
per node (excluding switch and housing and disks for some servernodes

All the best,



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