R: Best price/performance for 8..16 port switches?

Gianni Rondinini a.einstein at unforgettable.com
Fri Sep 22 01:20:50 PDT 2000

> I'd like to echo Greg's question in regards to the smaller switches,
> (which, since being consumer warez, ought have a better price/port
> rate than the biggies, anyway). All candidates should be able to
> tolerate 200 MBps (full duplex FastEthernet) on all ports without
> whimpering too much.

I am currently working with some ATi CentreCOM FS708, 8 port 10/100
autosense Fast Ethernet switch with internal power supply. It exists
also the FS708E, which has an external power supply. Both support full
duplex on all ports and, with very low cost ATi AT-2500TX network
cards, I'm able to transmit/receive at about 2.600kB/s on each port.
This limit should come from the network card, since I've been able to
try some with other switches and I never passed that speed.
Here in Italy, the switch is about 150 USD and the netcards are about
32 USD.

Gianni Rondinini

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