Reminder**** BWBUG Meeting on Sept. 19th at NIST****

Howard Levenson levenson at
Mon Sep 18 18:48:27 PDT 2000


The next BWBUG meeting will again be at NIST.  John Goebel, from VA
Linux Systems will present:


The VA Cluster Manager (VACM) is a low level monitoring and system
control tool developed by VA Linux Systems. Version 2.0 has just been
released.  John Goebel,  part of the development team, will talk about
VACM 2.0, and the future development of VACM.  If time permits, John
will outline material from his upcoming book, "Managing Linux Clusters"
due out this year.  VACM is open source software.

The meeting takes place at NIST, in Gaithersburg on Tuesday, Sept 19th
at 3:00 P.M. in the Administration Bldg. Lecture room C.  The admin bldg
is the tallest building on campus and is easy to locate.

Please try my cell phone on the 19th with any questions at
301-325-4276.  Prior to that, email either myself or John Dorband
dorband at with questions.  Hope to see you there.

Check the web site for updates at

****Thanks again to Judy Devany of NIST for helping with the

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