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Tue Sep 12 15:27:54 PDT 2000


I'm part of a small undergrad team building a poor-man's beowulf out of 
surplus computers (P200 to P166 for nodes).  Each of the nodes are diskless 
and use the etherboot package to get a kernel image and boot an NFS-mounted 
root partition (unique for each node) and NFS-mount a /home partition that 
is shared across several computers (nodes, a server, and workstations).  Our 
problem is that we can start pvm on our server, but it will not allow us to 
add any of the workstations or nodes.  Also, the nodes will not start pvm 
(saying that a pvmd.<uid> file is present, but it is not there, honest).  
I've made sure that rsh works across all nodes, server, and workstations in 
user space and that pvm works on the workstations and the server.  The 
.rhosts files allow for each computer to access each other without any other 
authentication.  Additionally, since all computers share a single /home 
directory, every computer shares the same .rhosts files.  One oddity is that 
the workstation will add the server under pvm, but not vice versa.  I hope 
someone can enlighten me and that the info above is specific enough without 
being too overbearing.  I find it easier to write more instead of less.  All 
suggestions are welcome.

Thank you,

Wes Wells

Georgia Southern University
Beowulf Cluster Project
gscluster at

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