MPI-LAM on a Linux beowulf cluster

Yann COSTES Yann.Costes at
Mon Sep 11 00:28:44 PDT 2000

Hi Beowulf people,

I am installing MPI-LAM on a Linux beowulf cluster built in diskless.
On this cluster, every client node has a /etc/nologin file in order to
disable users to connect on.
Unfortunately, with this file it's impossible to use rsh or ssh towards
a client node.

Does anyone know a solution permitting to use LAM without users may be
able to connect on a client node ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Yann Costes
Cergy-Pontoise university
Rue d'Eragny - Neuville sur Oise - 95031 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex - France
Tel. (+33) 01 34 25 69 56 - Fax. (+33) 01 34 25 70 04

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