mpqc mp2 performace

zolia zolia at
Wed Sep 6 07:32:45 PDT 2000


egcs 1.1.2

trying to find out what rises following error:

ClassDesc::load_class looking for "./classes"
ClassDesc::load_class("MTMPIMemoryGrp"): load failed
Either "MTMPIMemoryGrp" is an invalid class name or the code
for "MTMPIMemoryGrp" was not linked into the executable.

i didn't exported MEMORYGRP="<MTMPIMemoryGrp>:(num_threads=1)" variable,
and mp2 computations started to run, but performace on tree nodes was
worse then on one host. It seems that MTMPIMemmoryGrp influences
performace greatly, but i still can't manage mpqc to load that class. What
are your thoughts?

Antanas Masevicius             Kaunas University of Technology
Studentu 48a-101               Computer Center
LT-3028 Kaunas                 LITNET NOC UNIX Systems Administrator
Lithuania                      E-mail: zolia at

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