another LAPACK problem

Horatio B. Bogbindero wyy at
Tue Sep 5 20:12:18 PDT 2000

while compiling LAPACK i get this error. what could it mean? help.

g77   atimin.o atimck.o icopy.o ilaenv.o xlaenv.o slaord.o sprtbl.o
sprtb2.o sprtb3.o sprtb4.o sprtb5.o sprtls.o smflop.o sopaux.o sopbl2.o
sopbl3.o sopgb.o sopla.o stimaa.o stimmg.o stimmv.o stimmm.o stimb2.o
stimb3.o stimge.o stimgb.o stimgt.o stimls.o stimpo.o stimpp.o stimpb.o
stimpt.o stimsy.o stimsp.o stimtr.o stimtp.o stimtb.o stimhr.o stimtd.o
stimbr.o stimq3.o stimqr.o stimlq.o stimql.o stimrq.o stimqp.o sqrt13.o
sqrt15.o slinpk.o seispk.o \
../../tmglib_LINUX.a linsrc_LINUX.a ../../lapack_LINUX.a
/home/apps/libs/ATLAS/libatlas.a -o ../xlintims
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/apps/libs/LAPACK/TIMING/LIN'
Timing square REAL LAPACK linear equation routines
xlintims < > stime.out 2>&1
make[1]: *** [stime.out] Error 127
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/apps/libs/LAPACK/TIMING'
make: *** [timing] Error 2
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