Cluster Monitoring software?

Robert G. Brown rgb at
Thu Oct 26 10:01:51 PDT 2000

On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, Jeff Davis (Work) wrote:

> where could one find this web interface you mentioned?
> Jeff Davis
> jdavis at

To see a working one online:

  <a href="">Duke EE
Department Beowulf Cluster</a>

(John Pormann in the Duke EE program wrote the actual web interface).
The web application/CGI stuff is NOT in the RPM -- too hard to
generically RPMify a web app.  The web stuff should be in the currently
distributed tarball, together with instructions.)


P.S. -- I'm forwarding this response to the whole list and not just you,
since the I should probably have pointed out this URL in the first
place.  I should also note that although John doesn't monitor network
load and uses a fairly long sampling granularity, procstatd supports
network load on up to four interfaces (and SMP CPU load on up to four
CPUs) and one can query at much shorter intervals at a slightly
increased cost in terms of the load imposed by procstatd itself.  I
personally use it with about a 10 second time granularity.  If/when I or
somebody else (volunteers welcome!) write a scrolling stripchart display
that can talk to the daemon, an adjustable granularity of 5-60 seconds
would probably be about right.

P.P.S. -- This is a GPL tool, so hack away to meet your needs or
contribute revisions/additions back to the project if you so desire.
Well, actually it is GPL version 2"b" (for beverage) -- my own
beer-in-cheek contribution to the concept of open source.  Still, if you
contribute I'll certainly share the beer with you or buy you one
myself...;-) So far I haven't quite received one beer on the basis of
the license, although I came close once.  The bar was closed.

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