Planned Cluster.

J. G. LaBounty jgl at
Wed Oct 25 13:58:35 PDT 2000

> The head node works fine, but people have mentioned problems with the 3com
> network card. testing has shown no problems but the vendor has informed us
> they have had problems with the 3com cards, "some batches don't seem to
> work", they have offered intel EtherExpress PRO 10/100+ TX - PCI cards for
> the same cost. 
> I'm playing with a intel card today to see if there is any difference,

We were using the 3com 905b cards on 2 16 node clusters. Our application
keeps the network pegged most of the time. We were getting network
hangs about once every two weeks running RH6.1. We moved to RH6.2
and switched to the 3c90x driver and problem happened about once per
day. We have since changed out the 3com cards for the EtherExpress PRO 
10/100 and have not seen the problem but we only have about 3 weeks of
runtime on this configuration.


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