Joey Raheb jraheb at
Tue Oct 24 14:16:23 PDT 2000

Hello everyone,

I have been monitoring this mailing list for quite some time as I am working
on setting up a cluster.  I am and undergrad and working with a proffesor
supervisor in building a small test cluster of approximatly 10-15 PCs.  We
are currently in the hardware phase of the project.  I am trying to
eliminate different main boards.  We have both agreed that a dual processor
board is what we are looking for, however, I was wondering if anyone out
there has had any good/bad expierences with specific main boards.  Also,
what kinds of problems do you run into with memory sharing amongst the two
processors if any?  I would appreciate any type of help, as this is my first
expierence with Beowulf.

Joey Raheb
University of Western Ontario
jraheb at

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