fluent on linux

Ivars Drikis drikis at lanet.lv
Tue Oct 17 09:17:34 PDT 2000


  Some days ago there where question about experience of running
Fluent on boewulf cluster. At present moment we are still running
serial versions at SGI, but we have found following information
about this possibility at May 2000.

  I first, HP-Fluent-Myricom Fluent on HP Clusters. After filling
of prommising web form at Fluent homepage, we get with e-mail 
list of components as well as e-mails from Fluent, Myricom
and SGI sales departments (or local distributors). The cluster 
specifications includes 4 or 16 HP XL550 dual systems, Myrinet 
or Ethernet, WinNT or RedHat 6.0. No information concerning 
benchmarks, parallel efficiency and price. 

  Next we connect our local Fluent distributors in Finland, in
particular Björn Jernström, bjorn at processflow.fi. We get information
that they runs three PIII machines interconnected by a 100MHz Fast 
Ethernet, and "the parallel efficiency is typically close to 100%".
So, maybe good idea is ask them gain.
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