Probably OT, but important...Motherboard Information

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Currently there are no dual CPU mobo's for the Athlon.  Last week in San
Jose , AMD has it's first public demonstration of a multiprocessor computer
designed  specifically to work with AMD processors.

Although AMD is being tight lipped about this mobo, it looks to be made by a
company called  "Iwill " an OEM mobo manufacturer.  Tyan is also working on
a board code named  "Lions"... a pretty slick board with dual NIC's,
integrated dual 160Mb SCSI.

Timing on the release  of this mobo is veiled in secrecy... looks like late
Q4/ early Q1 2001.

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> I recently had the opportunity to purchase 2 AMD
> Thunderbird 850 processors from a friend at a
> remarkable price.  I decided to use them to upgrade my
> server and would like to find a dual processor
> motherboard.  I am familiar with a few of the
> manufacturers but have struck out at their sites.  I
> think what is holding me back is the fact that the
> Thunderbirds use a 200 mhz bus.  Can anyone point me
> to a good Motherboard for these processors?
> Thanks!
> Chris
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