Apps for testing Beowulf2

Daniel Persson myrridin at
Fri Oct 13 07:24:39 PDT 2000

On Thu, 12 Oct 2000, Daniel Ridge wrote:

Hi Daniel,

I belivied that the documentation that shipped with the distro where all
the avilible ?
Im sorry that i didnt go deeper on the web (i thougt that i had
read everything on the website to - but hey ive been playing whit your
wondeful distro day and night for a copule of days now - its easy to miss
things when you are really tired :)

Anyway, i found tachyon last night and have been using it so far.

I will run som mpi_mandel now...

Also, my apologies for not RTFM correct...

Suggestion - i would be nice with a manpage for mpi_mandel.
(if there are any i have completely missed it)

Maybe Scyld should host a separate list for the distro ?


> Daniel,
> Check out our online documentation.
> The simple answer to your question is:
> 	'mpi_mandel -np 4'
> or
> 	'mpirun -np 4 mpi_mandel'
> or
> 	'NP=4 mpi_mandel'

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