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Daniel Persson myrridin at
Thu Oct 12 03:28:26 PDT 2000

Hi all,

Sorry if im posting this to the wrong list - if so - please point me in
the right direction.

I very new to the conecpts of parallell computing and Bewoulf's.
After looking around for a week on different rescourses on the net Scyld
released their Beowulf2 wich i so far absolutely love.

However, i have build a simple B2 with one server and 3 nodes.

My problem is how can i test that all the nodes really are working
togehter ?

The only little app that i have found is the MPI enabled mandel generator
(mpi_mandel), however, while starting it it says "1 slave" and one of my
nodes listed in "beostatus" seems to start working.(There are actvity on
my hub when im doing this).

However, the other two nodes are doing absolutely nothing. 
All of the nodes and the server are really old pentiums and this setup is
purely for testing purposes.

So, of course there most be some better tools to test performance and
functionality of my B2 ?

Also, when/if i build the real cluster later, we will be running a product
called "Fluent", does anyone have any nice "think abouts" for that ?


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