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Dr. Hai Jin hjin at
Tue Oct 10 22:25:41 PDT 2000


First International Workshop on Internet Computing and E-Commerce
               San Francisco, California, USA, April 27, 2001
                   (in conjunction with IPDPS'01)  or

 Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society,  IEEE Technical Committee on
Parallel Processing, Whizz Technolgy
in co-operation with IEEE  Technical Committee on the Internet

Important Days:

Manuscript Due:  October 16, 2000
Notification of Acceptance:   December 19, 2000
Camera Ready Paper Due:   January 22, 2001

Purpose and Scope:

            A number of factors have recently contributed to bring the
use of the Internet as a general programming environment closer to
maturity. The Internet is already more widely deployed than any other
computing system in history and continues to grow rapidly. New
technologies, including much higher speed wide area network
interconnects and improved software support for distribution, promise to
make the Internet much more useful for general purpose distributed
computing in the future.
            As a key application on Internet, E-Commerce has gathered
tremendous attention and is of interest to managers, users and
researchers. E-Commerce has
become an inter-discipline research topic. This workshop is on issues
that are computer scientific in nature, mainly on system infrastructure,
middleware support,
security, and cryptographic. Only research-oriented papers are solicited
for this workshop. The topics of interest include, but are not limited

      Web-based computing
      Network Architectures, Operating System, Computing and Management
      Design and Analysis of Internet Protocols
      Performance Evaluation of the Internet
      Quality of Service
      Internet Telephony
      Mobile Computing
      Digital Libraries/Digital Image Collections
      Web/User Interface/Multimedia/Video/Audio/User Interaction
      Java for Networked E-Commerce
      Data Replication, Consistency and Caching Algorithms for the
      Traffic Models & Statistics
      Web Server Design and Consolidation
      Web Monitoring and Documents Management
      Internet Security and Cryptographic Issues, Methods and
      Digital Certification, Identification and Authentication in
      Web-based Storage for E-Commerce
      Commerce-oriented Middleware Services
      Software Requirements and Architectures for E-Commerce
      User Interface Support for E-Commerce
      Intrusion Prevention, Detection and Tolerance
      Agent Technology for E-Commerce
      Parallel Databases and High Performance Reliable Mass Storage
      Data Mining for E-Commerce
      Decision Making in E-Commerce Environments
      E-Commerce Application Case Studies

Paper Submission

            Completed manuscripts may not exceed 12 single-spaced pages
of text using 12 point size type on 8.5 x 11 inch pages. References,
figures, tables, etc. may
be included in addition to the twelve pages of text. Hardcopy
submissions will be accepted, but files in either PostScript (level 2)
or PDF format are strongly
encouraged. (Note: Authors need to make sure that the electronically
submitted files will print on PostScript printer that uses 8.5x11 inch
            Paper submission procedure is a web-based submission. Detail
submission information will be available at workshop web site. The
Postscript or Adobe
Acrobat file can be uploaded to the web site using the web-based
procedure. A confirmation will be e-mailed to the address author
provides as soon as the
printability of the file will be assessed.


            All papers selected for this workshop by peer-review process
will be published in the IPDPS2001 conference/workshop proceedings by
IEEE Computer
Society. Selected high quality papers from workshop will be invited to
extend and revise for the publication in the special issues of Journal
of Supercomputing and
Journal of Systems and Software.

Workshop Co-Chair

Hai Jin
Internet and Cluster Computing Lab.
Department of EE-System, EEB-104
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California, 90089, USA
Tel: +1-213-740-643
Fax: +1-425-920-8937
Email: hjin at

Cho-Li Wang
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
The University of Hong Kong
Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
Tel: +852-2857-8458
Fax: +852-2559-8447
Email:  clwang at

Program Committee Members

     Ishfaq Ahmad    (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
Hong Kong)
     Jae-Geun Ahn (Hankyung National University, Korea)
     Daniel Andresen    (Kansas State University, USA)
     Hamid Arabnia    (University of Georgia, USA)
     Matt Bishop    (University of California, Davis, USA)
     Rajkumar Buyya    (Monash University, Australia)
     Stefano Ceri    (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
     Ming-Syan Chen    (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
     Jack Dongarra    (University of Tennessee, Oak Ridge National
Laboratory, USA)
     Fred Douglis    (AT&T, USA)
     Anup K. Ghosh    (Reliable Software Technologies, USA)
     Lee Giles    (The Pennsylvania State University, USA)
     Kai Hwang (University of Southern California, USA)
     Hai Jin    (University of Southern California, USA)
     Chung-Ta King    (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)
     Francis Lau    (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
     Young-Soo Lee (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea)
     Choon Seong Leem (Yonsei University, Korea)
     Ying-Dar Lin    (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)
     Guenther Pernul    (University of Essen, Germany)
     Hong Shen    (Griffith University, Australia)
     Munindar P. Singh    (North Carolina State University, USA)
     Chengzheng Sun    (Griffith University, Australia)
     David Taniar (RMIT University, Australia)
     Chung-Jen Tan    (E-Business Technology Institute, Hong Kong)
     Yu-Chee Tseng    (National Central University, Taiwan)
     Cho-Li Wang    (The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
     Cheng-Zhong Xu (Wayne State University, USA)
     Zhiwei Xu    (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
     Tao Yang    (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)
     Philip Yu    (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA)
     Xiaodong Zhang    (The College of William and Mary, USA)
     Albert Zomaya    (University of Western Australia, Australia)

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