Preliminary info on the Scyld Beowulf distribution

David Bremner bremner at
Tue Oct 10 06:35:41 PDT 2000

Donald Becker writes:
 > Well, I guess I was scooped by SlashDot.
 > As many of you have guessed from the hints and list postings, Scyld has been
 > working on the next-generation Beowulf system.

[ Cool features of beowulf v2 snipped ] 

The web site mentions "Custom distributions are available for Alpha".

I'm sure many of us on this list would be interested in knowing what
level of alpha support exists. I.e., ranging from we have a cluster
running and a cd ready to press, to we can spell alpha, and don't see
why the software shouldn't run there :-)

All the best,


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