manageable switch or not?

Pierre Brua brua at
Sat Oct 7 01:07:12 PDT 2000

Rochus Schmid wrote:
> One more question ... sorry!
> What are the benefits of a manageable switch in a 100BT networked
> beowulf?
> Are there some general considerations about when it is ok to go for a
> cheaper unmanagable switch?

Here are a few reasons :
* you can modify port speed and autosensing on a port basis (usefull for
incompatible autonegotiation in the network card);
* you can logically cut the switch in two subswitches for channel
* You get statistics about your network usage without a specific
software analysing the traffic on each node;
* you can reboot the switch remotely if something gets wrong.

If those reasons are not important for you compared to the managability
price, you can stick to an unmanagable switch.

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