Borries Demeler demeler at
Mon Oct 2 05:00:09 PDT 2000

> Hello everybody
> The situation :
> 1) a mobo 694DPRO (MSI with 1GB PC133 SDRAM and 2 Cumine PIII800EB =
> The mtrr option (version 1.35a) is activated in the kernel.
> But dmesg says that :
> mtrr : your cpus had inconsistent variable settings
> mtrr : probably your bios does not setup all cpus.
> What does it mean ? Does the activated 1.35a mtrr option nevertheless
> correct this "feature" of the bios ?
> 2) does somebody have a (good) experience with a dual >=3D 800 MHz =
> cumine proc
> ? which model of mobo and chipset do You use ?
> Thanks in advance
> Mike

I have a Tyan Tiger 133 1843S (Apollo chipset) with dual Slot 1 866EB
Coppermine CPUs and 256 MB PC133 SDRAM, and get the exact same message. I
too, was wondering what the implication of this message is. I contacted
Tyan, but don't expect much enlightenment from them. Maybe someone from
the kernel group can help.


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