i815, [was Re: i810]

Bob Drzyzgula bob at drzyzgula.org
Thu Jun 29 17:10:40 PDT 2000

Interesting article re: The new Intel 815 chipset. It seems as if we may
finally have a real replacement for the 440BX; the motherboard manufacturers
seem to like everything but the price...


> apart from poor video performance which you probably don't care about on a
> cluster, there's nothing really wrong with the i810. the issues
> surrounding the i820/i840 involve the memory transfer hub for using sdram
> on the i820 being faulty, and the mrh for sdram on the 840 being lower
> performance than people expected. couple that with the early delay in
> delivery of the i820 because intel decided it didn't work that well with
> three rdram rim sockets, and thusly reduced the spec to two, causing a
> three month delay in the delivry of motherboards and you have the making
> of a debacle...
> regards
> joelja

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