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I do appologize for the leading on.  The URL has no misspellings however the domain seems to have stopped working within the last week or 2 and I had a cached version.
I will try to get more information or reconstruct it from my cache. (Lazyness pays off I still have my cache.)

Erik Mullinix

>>> Frank Joerdens <frank at joerdens.de> 06/29/00 10:23AM >>>

there are at least a couple of typos in the url. could you send it
again? i am intrigued ;)

cheers frank

On Thu, Jun 29, 2000 at 08:03:25AM -0500, Erik Mullinix wrote:
>    Here is an Alternative to the use of water (a known corrosive);-)
>    [1]http://www.accsdata.com/drffreeze/Dr%20Ffreeze.htm 
>    Cooling an another fassion.;-)
> References
>    1. http://www.accsdata.com/drffreeze/Dr%20Ffreeze.htm 

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