Verification of a working pvm3 setup

Bob P ex-freek at
Tue Jun 27 09:32:25 PDT 2000

I have a 2 node linux beowulf prototype.  I have
loaded pvm3 on each on an nfs mounted directory.  PVM
loads fine on the master and can add the second node
with no problem, however, I have attempted to try a
sample master/slave app with no luck.  I run the
master program but it just enters an endless loop.  I
modified the slave so that it doesn't do calculations,
but just returns a float to the master.  Both apps
compiled without a problem, and the master shows up on
the pvm console with a 'ps -a' command.  Does anyone
have any ideas that might get me past this problem?

Bob Phan <ex-freek at>
Discovery Technologies
Neurogen Corp. <>

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