Greg Lindahl glindahl at hpti.com
Mon Jun 26 11:25:53 PDT 2000

> Has anyone heard about KLAT2, it is a cheaper way for supercomputing than
> beowulf. It is hard to believe, does someone has any information about it?

Check out:


I wouldn't say it's "cheaper than beowulf"; most people would say it IS a
beowulf. It's the first one I've seen that uses the 32-bit SIMD instructions
on newer x86 architecture chips for a big speed win.

As for their speed numbers, they are impressive, but do keep in mind that
many codes use 64-bit floating point, and many supercomputer codes require
higher bandwidth and lower latency than KLAT2 provides. So, it's not even
the case that a cluster always provides a cheaper way to do
supercomputing... it always depends on the application in question.

-- g

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