Beowulf: A theorical approach

Douglas Eadline deadline at
Mon Jun 26 08:03:29 PDT 2000

On Mon, 26 Jun 2000, Christoph Wasshuber wrote:

> "Robert G. Brown" wrote:
> > It was suggested to me offline that one should consider the AGP bus
> > itself as a possible interface, as it apparently has a lot of the
> > desired characteristics (and since beowulf nodes typically don't need
> > the AGP slot anyway).  I'm not an AGP bus expert by any means (it's hard
> > enough trying to get PCI specs from the net:-) but this might be worth
> > looking into.
> Thinking about it a little longer, this looks to me as not such a bad
> idea. Has anybody more information on the AGP bus? Or is there maybe
> an AGP bus expert lurking on this list?
> My only concern is that AGP has to pass through the North Bridge, which
> should increase latency quite a bit.

This assumes an AGP interface is present. Some new high end 
server boards do not seem to have this interface.


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