beowulf performance with MPI

Tony Skjellum tony at MPI-Softtech.Com
Sun Jun 25 14:29:06 PDT 2000

Greg, you are obviously right about knowing what you meant.  I too know
what I meant.  So, I concede your point, so you can go on to other


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On Sun, 25 Jun 2000, Greg Lindahl wrote:

> > Let me clarify even further before we waste more bandwidth on this,
> > and people get upset by Greg...
> >
> > 1) I was speaking about something that is totally free
> Tony, if you knew this community better, you would be aware that "free beer"
> is different from "free software", and that calling any software "totally
> free" is a really bad idea.
> If your product is now free in the liberty sense, that would be news, but I
> think you're probably just confusing the two.
> > 2) My comments were directly aimed at the fact that free-to-free
> >    comparison suggests that people use the existing free software from us
> >    for TCP+Linux, rather than wait and hope that someone updates some
> >    other free software for them.
> My comments were about modifying mpich, not about waiting or hoping. I said
> nothing about either. If you wish to reply to my comments in the future, I
> would suggest replying to what I said, not what you read into it.
> -- g

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