Infiniband (was RE: Beowulf: A theorical approach)

Mattson, Timothy G timothy.g.mattson at
Thu Jun 22 15:05:47 PDT 2000

Bill, Greg and Tony,

This discussion has put me in a difficult position.  

I work for Intel and know quite a bit about what's going on with Infiniband.
However, I am not a member of any of the groups working on Infiniband, and
therefore I don't know what the official word is concerning the issues
you've raised.  

I know I can say this much.  It is our intent to have Infiniband products
that are appropriate for the cluster market.  As for how scalable these
clusters will be, I don't know the answer.  If I did know, I couldnt say
right now -- its just too long before the launch of our Infiniband products.
I hope you all understand.

As the cluster-specific details emerge and go public, I will try and stay on
top of them and pass them onto this group. I'm sorry I can't say more, but
its really too early to get more detailed.

--Tim Mattson

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